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Healing Lessons from 2019 with Artist Nichole Rae

New year. New lessons. New growth.

As with every turning of the season, the new year also brings in an opportunity to reflect and course-correct. While it’s tempting to feel the need to start off the New Year with a whiz and a bang, it just might be wiser to follow the nudge that it’s time to rest and recuperate and take your time figuring out what this coming year has in store for you.

To help us reflect and ease into this year, I’m bringing back Artist Nichole Rae to share in conversation about what we learned in 2019 and how we are approaching 2020 in a gentler way, more exploratory way.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • the evolution of what change actually looks like

  • staying open to the lessons that we truly need to learn

  • using love to heal

  • the power of asking for help and finding community

  • how to own your victories

  • how to counter negative self-talk

  • how to forgive instead of judge

  • and more

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Show Notes:

Photo Credit to J. Alan Paul Photography


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