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After just one treatment with Randi, and continuing to do the self-care routine at home, I am happy to report that I am feeling much better. It is very eye opening to see how much differently we live our lives when we are not plagued with illness or dysfunction. I am worrying less about those areas of my life and focusing more on the things that bring me joy. We are certainly not alone in our health struggles. It's so comforting to know that I have a practitioner that is empathetically connected to what I am going through and understands my particular situation by simply being intuitive to what my body is communicating.


I was amazed this treatment affected my lower back. It didn't seem logical that abdominal massage would effect my lower back. My mobility improved, I could lift heavy objects better, could get up and down stairs with ease. I could get out of bed and get moving. The effect was immediate. In fact, after my first treatment I felt invigorated as if I had just worked out. Randi taught me a self-care massage procedure that I do whenever I need a tune-up. Whenever I have done the self-care, I have experienced immediate results. There is a wide range of applications for abdominal massage. I say try it, you may be amazed as well. Come to her to learn, leave feeling better with more knowledge.


It’s helped me be able to use a full breathe. It reduces the tightness in my stomach from anxiety. I feel less jumbled together inside. I’ve never had the experience of this massage before. It’s such an important part of connecting to your body and allowing it full capacity to support us the way it was intended. I feel like a whole person in this experience and am shifting my perspective of my connection through being a woman.

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