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The Highs and Lows of Letting Go

We live in a very forward-moving culture. When one thing ends, another thing immediately begins. Or we start the next thing before we even finish out the current phase we are in. Not only is this behavior expected, but it's also encouraged and celebrated.

But the unfortunate thing about moving on too quickly is that we don't take a moment to honor where we've been, what we've accomplished, what all happened during that meaningful phase of life. And when we brush over or dismiss all of that, we aren't actually moving on. There can be unfinished business or this continual feeling of not being enough.

So in today's podcast, I ramble on about:

  • the complex emotions that can come up when you are letting go of something or moving on into a new season of life

  • the importance of honoring where you've been

  • why it's ok to move on from something even when it's good

  • honoring the complexities of grief

  • ceremonies or rituals you can do to close chapters of your life or ways of being that no longer serve you

There also is quite the cameo appearance from my six-month-old, and I share what's next for the Simple Self Care podcast.

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