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seasonal study group


simplify your healing with seasonal wisdom

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What if you lived your life in accordance with your natural cycles instead of against it?


What if your lifestyle decreased your pain instead of added to it?

The Seasonal Study Group is an online community where you will learn how to use the natural cycles of the seasons and your inner wisdom to create intuitive, simple, and effective healing practices.

We all know that self-care is important. We know that there are all sorts of things that we “should” be doing to take care of ourselves. And so, many of us embark on a healing journey or self-care practice based on what we think we should be doing instead of what is actually the best thing for us.


This leads to anything self-care related feeling overwhelming, stressful, guilt-ridden, and unfulfillingWhich doesn't sound much like self-care, does it?


In a world of extreme opinions, trends, and comparisons, it is hard to know how to listen to our own inner wisdom to figure out our own healing course, but the good news is that there is a way and a wise structure already in place for us to use as our guide and a gateway into our own rhythm.


This is where seasonal self-care comes into play. It’s a way we can use the cycles and pace that every other living thing is aligned with to live a healthy and vibrant life.


And together inside of this community is where we will deep dive into each season, glean from its wisdom, and align our life accordingly so it can support our needs, demands, and goals.

Simple Nature Collective Naturally Randi

What if you didn’t have to power your way through pain? What if you didn’t feel so drained by the end of the day that you could actually do things that you enjoy?

With the choices you make every day, with the habits you build moment to moment, you can live a fulfilling and empowering life - no matter your condition, stressors, or diagnosis.

You can use this community to learn how to be in control of your health through the Seasonal Healing methods. 

Simple Nature Collective Randi Kay Olsen
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Join us!

Seasons of Healing Framework

Learn the framework of how to merge your personal season of life, what self-care practices actually work in your life right now, and nature's seasons all into an aligned and intentional self-care plan.

Book Club

Seasonal Book Club to learn more about the season and commune with other book nerds

Herbal Remedies

Learn the wisdom of plant medicine by deep diving into a specific seasonal herbs that you can experiment with and bring into your everyday life.

Six Weeks of  Seasonal Guidance

We begin each season together with six weeks of diving deep into the benefits, qualities, and rhythms that it has to offer.

Private Group

Access to a private community platform that is NOT on Facebook and content you can access on an app on your phone

Weekly Forecast

Emails that highlight the content for the week, teach you what's happening that week in nature's cycles, and a weekly affirmation.

Seasonal Practices

Videos, audio recordings, and guides on various movement, breath work, journaling exercises and meditations that fit the season.

Community Calls

Group calls to connect with each other and go over the themes together so you can stay accountable and have the support that you need


Accountability posts and opportunities to share wins and ask questions inside of the community.

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Winter  Theme:


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use this season of rest to come home to yourself, care for yourself, and set wise intentions for the rest of the year


Trusting your intuition and feeling at home within


How to create meaningful habits and rituals that will sustain and nourish us throughout the winter


How to truly rest and calm the nervous system


Ways to move, meditate, and breath that refuel and energize us during this depleting season


Supportive self-care practices for your immune and digestive systems

Reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for this year based off of your needs

And more!

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Why can I help you?

I've been there!

Randi Kay Olsen Simple Self Care Simple

I got into the wellness industry because I was trying to heal myself. Ever since I got diagnosed with depression as a teenager, I’ve been on an ever-evolving healing journey, and I eventually learned that medication and hoping for the best could only get me so far. Over time, I found that the true healing happened when I started tending to myself on a truly personal level through daily practices and lifestyle changes.

As you may have learned from your own ailments - there really is no “one size fits all” program to health. There is no quick fix or magic potion to make you a new person.

If there was, I would tell you, because I feel like I did everything “right” to feel happy and healthy. To free myself from anxiety, digestion issues, low-energy, mysterious body pain - you know, all of the good stuff.

It wasn’t until I went to Massage School and started learning how the body works, how connected the body and mind are, and how everybody and every body is different, that I started treating my own approach to health differently. I changed my diet, started practicing yoga regularly, adopted seasonal practices, and learned other ways to quiet the chatter and stress. And through that I was led to the wisest healer - myself!

It’s been well over a decade since I embarked on my self-healing path, and since I started my wellness studies. I’m one of those unique coaches that not only has healed themselves, but is also a seasoned practitioner. I’ve studied all over the US and internationally to learn from the top leaders in the healing industry and have become specialized in Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation, Women’s Health, Trigger Point Therapy, Mayan Abdominal Therapies, Clinical Thai Bodywork, and Herbalism.

And I’m here to help you create your own path. Let’s embark together, shall we?


Diana K.

The Healing Season Community is like a warm hug for my soul. Randi’s gentle approach to self-care helped me to dig deeper to discover my inner wisdom and listen to my needs...Coming together in a safe, non-judgmental community to navigate these seasons together was exactly what I needed in a time when life felt so uncertain.


Mandi B.

I didn’t know if the time would be right for me to take this program, but I soon realized that whatever effort I could put into it paid off ten fold. Randi asked thought provoking questions and presented exercises that led me to the answers and methods that work for me. I learned new vocabulary that helped me incorporate self care in my internal voice and in my habits, and I feel more emotionally and spiritually agile because of it.


Emily B.

Before working with Randi, I didn't really have a self-care practice. I was of the ‘self-care is face masks and bubble baths’ camp. I feel that I have been equipped with an arsenal of grounding practices that can help me keep my head up when the going gets rough.

It's so easy to get caught up in all of the things going on throughout the world and get overwhelmed, and working with Randi really guided me in finding practices that help deal with the daily stresses of life. Having someone to check in with and create accountability makes it a lot easier to build these habits and stick to them.


Kirsten M.

Before working with Randi self-care was not a priority. But after working together, I have some self care tools they I can use to prompt me to prioritize myself, new things I hadn’t thought about before. I learned that my lifestyle is a CHOICE. I am not obligated to participate in the things that are causing me stress.

I was really having a hard time coming to grips with all the changes at work. Not to mention stressors at home. AND menopause! So much was whirling around in my brain that I just felt trapped. Randi helped me see that it was a choice. I was not obligated to be trapped. She gave me some tools they really helped.

Simple Self Care Mini Course Mockup.jpg

Bonus: The Simple Self Care Mini-Course

simple and effective ways to make self-care a part of every day and every moment


When you join, you will get access to my mini-course ($97 value) all about:

  • The basics of self-care and why it's so much more than just a bubble bath and a good idea

  • How to create a practice space at home, at work, and on the go

  • How to work through your self-care hold-ups

  • Foundational self-care practices like gentle yoga, journaling, and breathwork

  • And more!

HSC Waitlist

When you join, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions located HERE.

You also understand that this collective is a safe and inclusive space. You are welcome here regardless of race, religious beliefs, or who you love. If you aren't willing to hold a loving and compassionate space for all, then this is not the space for you.

winter self care wellness naturally rand

 Winter Registration is Now Closed


Get on the waitlist to be the first to know about our Spring Session.








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