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Ep. 4.8 Molly Yeh on Enjoying the Work + Life Balancing Act

Life is a constant balancing act. Right when you feel like you’ve figured things out, another obstacle comes your way and you have to rebalance again. But instead of always feeling defeated, what if this rebalancing became part of the joys of life?

Someone who is a great example of this is world-renowned food blogger, author, and Food Network star Molly Yeh. And she’s come back on the podcast to share with us how she balances being a new mom and hosting her TV show from her family farm in the Upper Midwest.

We chat about:

  • the power of structure and planning when it comes to self-care with a newborn and high professional demands

  • how to deal with mom guilt

  • how to get over unrealistic expectations

  • the importance of alone time

  • embracing the seasons of things

  • using your everyday, mundane tasks as your moments of zen

  • how to savor the Winter months

  • setting boundaries when working from home (like when your home is a TV set!)

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Show Notes:

@mollyyeh on Instagram


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