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Self-Care Defined

As I move forward with the self-care revolution efforts, I’m finding that people get a bit confused by the term “self-care.” While it is becoming more of a buzz word, it is a rather new movement, I suppose, even though it’s been practiced since the beginning of time.

What makes it a rather new movement is that the practice of self-care has turned into a luxury instead of a necessary daily task. People treat “me time” as a rare, selfish thing they can squeeze in as a reward if they’ve earned it.

Pardon my boldness, but this is complete poppycock.

I understand that some massages and spa treatments are definitely luxurious and quite the treat, but those, too, serve a deep healing purpose and should be a part of the practice. Guilt-free. Judgment free. It’s like brushing your teeth every day and then going to the dentist twice a year. I went into some detail a few months ago with my own personal self care journey, and why it’s important to me, but my strong desire is that you also have a self-care story to tell. That my own healing and years of helping others heal can contribute to fighting the good fight of changing how we approach taking care of ourselves.

And so, what is self care?

We need it more than ever in today’s culture of “the hustle” and the glorification of busy and having it all. We must offer a counter pose. Create balance in the force, if you will. Hence, the self-care movement.

And self-care is going to look differently to everyone, but here are some tangible examples:

  1. Morning routine (journaling, meditation, exercise, along with your shower, breakfast, etc.)

  2. Writing practice

  3. Yoga practice

  4. Seeing a therapist (massage, physical therapist, physiologist)

  5. Taking regular times in your day to tune in

  6. Understanding your body (what your body pain is telling you, knowing your own anatomy, how to deal with discomfort)

  7. Eating well

  8. Times of pampering yourself

  9. Saying no when needed and saying yes when needed

  10. Honoring your rhythms and energy levels

  11. Having fun on a regular basis

  12. Finding a way to be creative every day

  13. Good hygiene

  14. Bedtime routine and getting enough sleep

And the list goes on, but hopefully you get the idea.

Taking self-care seriously will change your life. It will heal you. It will heal your relationships. It will make you better at everything do. It will reduce the chance of, and could even prevent, diseases. It will ease the aging process. It will help you cope with trauma. It is the key to living a happy and healthy life.

Yes, it’s some of the hardest work, but it can also be the most joyful! And I’m here to help. We got this. Let’s self care it up!

Already have some great self-care journey stories? I would LOVE to hear your progress and insights in the comments.



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