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How To Savor The Summer

If it hasn’t felt like Summer yet, 4th of July weekend is usually what seals the deal for me. The sun is out, the lake water in these parts is finally warm, grilling and fireworks galore. What’s not to love?

Summer can be so delightful, in fact, that it’s easy to forget our Summer self-care practices. Celebrating summer through our daily habits is just as important as clinging to our self-care practice to survive the winter.

We always need to be tuning in and embracing what each season brings. It’s what prepares us for what is to come, be it joyful or more challenging.

Without further adieu, here are some ways to celebrate and savor our precious Summer months.

Be Playful

Summer is all about celebrating. It’s about reaping the benefits of what we sowed in the Spring. Let yourself have some fun. Schedule it in your calendar if you need to, but receive, dear reader. You’ve worked so hard.

What really brings you joy? What is your favorite thing to do in nature? Take this time to get it all in. Remember, life is also fun. Have fun. Play. Flirt. Enjoy. We have extra permission during this time.

Observe and Grow

Summer is also about letting things mature, ripen if you will. This is when we get to see and appreciate our personal growth. Slow down a bit. Relax. Let things happen. We don’t ask flowers to bloom faster, do we? If we forced that growth, it would destroy it.

The same is true for us. Keep relaxing, keep playing, and make some room for things to actually grow and develop and mature. Forcing and pushing and hustling just doesn’t work right now.

And if you must hustle, do it more in the morning. Leave the evening to enjoy the long, summer nights. Cool down in the heat.

Cool Down and Nourish

And speaking of cooling down, summer can be pretty harsh. The heat and longer days of sunshine can take its toll. Especially in late summer, things can get pretty dried out.

Summer takes its own kind of nourishing. And I’m not talking about ice-cold beverages and ice cream, though those are nice sometimes. Think about cooling and calming foods like coconuts, limes, pears, basmati rice. Foods that seem refreshing, yet easy to digest. Nothing too spicy or warm.

And do what you can to protect yourself from too much heat. Being a Ginger myself makes this tip a necessity. I keep sunblock in my purse and am always looking for shade, but hey, my skin and soul stay happy.

But pale beauty or not, I suggest you adopt the same habits. Keep your skin protected and don’t wipe yourself out with too much sun. It can have really damaging effects in the long run.

Enjoy these months, for a new season will be upon us before you know it. And I wish you a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


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