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The Way of Course Correction

Ever find yourself on a spacecraft, hurdling through the galaxies, and all of a sudden you miss your trajectory and your location has to be identified and your course vector is calculated and you get on a better, more accurate path?

No? Ok, me either, but sometimes it feels that way, am I right? And if we look past the original space navigation definition of course correction we can learn something valuable about when we miss our trajectory and get off path in our own lives.

I like to think of course correction as a series of curious experiments, and it’s become a regular practice in my life. Sometimes it happens because of things out of my control, but most of the time it comes from the constant desire to create a healthy, authentic life.

The examples I could give are endless. From changing my daily diet to changing careers to changing entire belief systems, I’ve evolved so much already during this short life of mine. And though it’s been extremely difficult at times, it’s been worth every little and big thing I’ve learned along the way.

Being able to course correct when needed creates a wonderful, yet sometimes challenging, world of self-discovery and valuable experiences. And on the flip side, not course-correcting could lead to a lost life of monotony, dissatisfaction, and downright dangerous situations.

It’s worth noting that keeping it all in balance is key. Giving each course correction the time they deserve to stew and serve their purpose. It’s important to not just be jumping around all of the time. So with any important choice, take it to your practice. Meditate, journal, tune in, and trust that you’ll know when action is required.

Are there areas of your life that could use a little course correcting? What hasn’t been working very well for you, lately? Is there a different path that’s been itching at your curiosity?

I invite you to give some intentional course correction a try. And if you don’t like the results, you can always course correct again and again and again.


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