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Ep. 3.1 Cait Flanders on Money Healing + Being a Mindful Consumer

How would your life be different if you had a healthier relationship with money? What if you were more intentional about what you brought into your life? As we all recover, especially financially, from the holidays, now is the perfect time to do a bit of healing around money and our habits moving forward.

So to kick off a brand new season of the podcast, I have Cait Flanders, bestselling author of the book The Year of Less, with me to talk about her refreshing take on being more mindful when it comes to money and beyond.

We chat about:

  • why money conversations are hard

  • how to avoid the money shame and defensiveness

  • how to celebrate money wins, what being a mindful consumer is and how to do it

  • the deep work that happens after you change negative habits

  • the importance of getting outside and connecting with nature

  • and more!

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Show Notes:

@caitflanders on Instagram


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