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Ep. 29 Self Care for Mental Health Part 1

My personal self-care journey began shortly after I was diagnosed with depression in my teens. And my path to heal and maintain that part of myself is the substance the powers what I bring to the world, including through my work and through this very podcast.

The subject of mental health is so near and dear to my heart that honestly, I’m a bit nervous to talk about it in this format. But with all that is going on, with so many people out there that suffer alone or don’t know how to help, I feel like it would be a disservice to keep sitting on the sidelines in this arena.

So, I’m going to be taking the next two episodes to talk about the timely and timeless topic of mental health, my personal journey with it, the stigma around it, how you can really help others, and how you can use self-care to help yourself.

This episode (part 1) is all about the issue at large and how we as a collective community can help each other. The following episode (part 2) will cover simple self-care practices specific for mental health, including thoughts on using or not using medication, how to tune in when you fear what you might hear, the concept of a good day and bad day routine and more.

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