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Ep. 28 Lily Diamond on Honesty, Vulnerability, and Sharing it with the World

In a world where we’ve become all about the likes and the followers and the curated feeds and all of that, it’s hard to know if we are really connecting with each other online. And if we are, it’s hard to tell if that connection is feeding our deep need to connect or feeding our addiction to escape and compare.

A leading force for good is writer and photographer Lily Diamond. Lily is the author of Kale and Caramel: Recipies for the Body, Heart, and Table. But she has also started quite the movement on social media with the hashtag #honestinsta.

Take a listen as we discuss:

  • how to be honest on social media and why it’s so important

  • being the space holder of a movement

  • vulnerability and how to reach out in a way that is proactive instead of destructive

  • the importance of being a witness for each other

  • the joy of keeping it simple when it comes to self-care

  • the power of mental sanitation

  • and more!

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Show Notes:


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