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Ep. 23: Healing with the Joshua Trees

In honor of Earth Day, I take you with me on my recent trip one of the coolest places on earth, Joshua Tree National Park with my friend, adventure and plant-loving buddy, and past podcast guest Kristen Runvik.

There are many things that can fall under the self-care umbrella, and I talk a lot about the day to day simple and practical things we can do to bring self-care into every moment. But it is also important to think about the bigger picture ways of practicing self-care.

And to me, this is travel, exploring, and getting out in nature for extended periods of time. Join Kristen and me as we recount our trip and share what we learned, and we even take you on a special plant hike with a local guide.

Hopefully, this episode can inspire some adventures of your own and remind you that the world, the earth, even the plants blooming outside your window, are there waiting for you.

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