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Ep. 15: Molly Yeh on the Joy of Food

February is the Month of Joy on the Simple Self Care Podcast, and to kick it off, I’m interviewing world-renowned chef and food blogger Molly Yeh.

If you follow Molly’s blog and instagram, or have read her award-winning cookbook Molly on the Range, you know that every occasion can be a fun celebration with the right mix of funfetti and cute marzipan figures. And her spin on your childhood comfort foods will warm your heart and your belly.

Take a listen as Molly and I chat about bringing joy to the kitchen, what to do if you don’t like cooking, self-care travel tips, favorite winter rituals, and a cautionary tale for all of you shnitzel lovers.

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The infamous schnitzel costume. Take a listen to hear all about it.

Show Notes:

  1. Instagram: @mollyyeh

  2. Twitter: mollyyeh

  3. Instagram: artistnicholerae

  4. Online Course: Self Care Foundations


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