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Ep. 4.2 Fall Season Support with Kristen Runvik

While Fall is full of cozy sweaters and pumpkin-spiced everything, it can also be a frenzied time of year as we change our rhythms and rituals.

To help us make sure we are properly grounded and nourished this time of year, I brought back my friend and herbalist and founder of Lagom Body Co. to share her wisdom on how to support your body, mind, and soul during this time Fall.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • how to evolve with your self-care practices each season

  • the power of getting outside despite the weather

  • how to nourish yourself during this season change and even improve your health during this time of year

  • our favorite Fall rituals and herbal remedies like the magic of elderberry and echinacea

  • why we need community more than ever this time of year

  • how to create your own group of like-minded folks.

Kristen also offers up her Whole Body Wellness Guide for Fall ($40) to Patreon supporters. Get in on it and more podcast goodies at

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Show Notes:


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