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Ep. 5.10 Season Finale Q & A

As we close this season of the podcast and reflect on all of the unexpected twists and turns this season of life has brought us, I answer your questions about navigating self-care during these unprecedented times. I wanted to make sure I sent you on your way for our Summer break with the answers and tools you need to keep the healing journey going.

Take a listen as I answer your questions about:

  • Working through feeling guilty and selfish about prioritizing your self-care

  • Knowing what self-care practices to do for yourself depending on the situation and season of life

  • Staying present during self-care instead of feeling like there is something else you need to be doing

  • Why it’s so important to feel at home and empowered in your body right now

  • How self-care is your foundation for activism and creating change

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Show Notes:


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