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The Best Self-Care Tip of All Time

While self-care is extremely personal, today I’m going to give you the best self-care tip I can think of when you are in a pinch. My number one go-to self-care to-do. What I do when overwhelm and chaos strikes, and I don’t know what else to do.

Now, I could go on and on about the scientific data and personal experience as to why this is so important. Why we must make time for it. How much it can do to refresh and recharge your body and mind. How it will give you so much clarity on how to move forward with your healing journey.

But that would be taking away from its beauty. Its amazingness. Its profound simplicity. So I need you to just trust me.

And instead, I will tell you this secret in just two words.


When you read it, be sure to act on it immediately.

It might feel weird.

It might be uncomfortable.

But I promise you need to do it.

Even if it’s just for five minutes.


Here we go!

The best self-care tip of all time is…

Do Nothing.




Make s p a c e.

Turn off your devices.

And turn on a more relaxed state.

There is no need to add another item to your to-do list.

Trust the act of doing nothing.

It is productive and wise.

You have permission.

And you can thank me later.


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