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Why Earth Day is Good for Self Care

This past Friday was our beloved Earth Day. It was a lovely Spring day in Fargo, so I was able to spend some sweet time outside, discovering my own backyard actually, being that I moved in during the Winter and now get to see what springs up!

As I contemplated doing something extra special for Earth Day, I realized that I’m an “Earth Day is every day,” kind of person. It is part of my self-care practice to be constantly connecting with nature and it’s bounty.

So in honor of Earth Day, I figured I would share some ways to make celebrating and honoring our dear planet a part of your daily life, too.

Get Outside

People are inside more than ever, and when they are outside, it’s covered up and usually just to get from one building to the car. This is quite sad for many reasons, but one important one is that we are missing out on all of the valuable things we get from being outside.

One is Vitamin D that we get from the sun. So many people are Vitamin D deficient. There are also studies that show the health benefits from connecting to the ionic charge of the earth. Physically connecting with the earth’s ionic charge has now become an official thing, and it’s called Earthing.

According to, Earthing is, “a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.” There are products out there now that create a conduit from the earth to your floors, beds, yoga mats, whatever, so you can receive these benefits.

OR, you can just go outside barefooted. Which is free. And feels nice. And you get to be outside.

But scientific studies or not, time outside is good for your body, mind, and soul. You know it’s true.

Use Natural Products

No, I’m not talking about dish soap that reads “all natural.” Don’t be fooled by trendy marketing. I’m talking about actual things from the earth that you use on your body in your household.

Some examples of this would be coconut oil for moisturizer, lemon essential oil to disinfect, face masks made from oatmeal or avocados.

Check the ingredients of products and go with the ones that have the least amount of ingredients and the most amount of ingredients you can pronounce.

These types of products will ultimately be better for you and for the environment, but I’ll save my soapbox on that for another post.

Eat Clean

In the same realm, eat real food. Since I love food so much, this is my favorite way to connect with the earth. The closer it is being in or on the ground, the better. Gotta get all of that good life force energy you can before it gets lost in processing or overcooking.

If you don’t like whole food, don’t worry, the simpler you eat, the more your palette will change to really love the natural flavors. I’ve experienced it myself and my whole body feels better for it.

And just like with products, check the labels of what you buy. The less ingredients, the better.

Observe the Seasons

I talk about this one a lot, but I really do believe in having seasonal practices. Be it seasonal diets, daily habits, celebrations, it’s just a great way to stay in tune with what the rest of the earth’s living things are doing. We are all in this together after all. Why not honor the seasonal wisdom? What makes us so special that we shouldn’t?

It’s become quite fun for me actually, and I’ve come to look forward to all seasons. Yes, even Winter in Fargo.

Connecting with the Earth is more important and profound than you and I can even imagine. Sometimes I get glimpses of its importance, but most of the time I just feel happier and healthier when I do.

What are your favorite ways to connect and make Earth Day every day? I’d love to hear about it. Tree huggers, unite!


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