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Ep. 4.9 Shop Small to Make a Big Difference

Here we are on the brink of shopping mania. And it’s all too easy to get swept up in all of the steal and deals and anxious energy that comes with it and lose sight of what really matters to us during the holidays.

So for this week’s podcast, I wanted to give you some things to consider as we head into this busy time by interviewing a few of my favorite local businesses in Fargo, ND. I want to not only give you a behind the scenes look at how hard they work and what it’s like being a small business in today’s market, but also how shopping small can benefit you, your family, and beyond.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • the biggest problems with retail right now

  • the power of community and connection by shopping in person

  • how you can make a difference in your own tiny little corner of the world

  • the importance of fair-trade and ethical shopping

  • how creating a business out of joy benefits everyone

  • how to shop with more intention

  • and more

Featured Small Businesses

Lexi Rundquist, artist and owner of Aerow Handmade

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Show Notes:

Others Shop Fair Trade Boutique – 10% off with code simpleselfcare

Aerow Handmade – 25% off with code SELFCARE

Down Home Non-Profit

True Cost Documentary


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