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Ep. 4.6 Follow the Joy with Sarah Von Bargen

What if your recipe for happiness was right under your nose? What if you are already living a joyful life, but you are too occupied with other things to even notice it?

In this episode, I chat with Sarah Von Bargen from the popular blog Yes and Yes to talk about how we can tune into the joy we already have and follow what makes us happy so we can continue to recreate it in every area of our lives.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • how to live a rich and full life no matter how much or how little you make

  • how to follow your joy in the midst of making hard decisions

  • how to create your own prescription for self-care and hear our favorite self-care activities for this time of year

  • how to set intentions and boundaries for the holidays with your family and friends

  • the joy and beauty of traveling to small towns and travel tips

  • how to find the fun in going against the grain

  • and more

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Show Notes:


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