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Ep. 5.9 Easing Empathy + Compassion Overwhelm

Have you been feeling tired and depleted and you can’t quite figure out why? Or maybe you’ve got some mysterious body pain you can’t shake? Or maybe you are just sick of everyone and everything and want to hide away in a cave somewhere?!

If any of these things are resonating with you, you might be experiencing empathy and compassion overwhelm. In this episode, I share an interview I did on Main Street on Prairie Pubic Radio where we dig into what it means when we overpower our body with our natural ability to care for others and take on the weight of the world.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • how to know when you are taking on other people’s stress and what to do about it

  • how to set healthy boundaries around the people you care about

  • why it’s important to be an empathetic and sensitive person right now

  • how to find grounding practices that work for you

  • and more!

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Show Notes:


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