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Ep. 2.8 Jason Zook on Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Life is full of ups and downs. Highs and lows. Triumphs and failures. And while it seems like everyone only likes to share their successes, today’s guest, Jason Zook from Wandering Aimfully, is an exception to that.

Jason is not only one of the most adventurous entrepreneurs that I know, but he helps other budding entrepreneurs be just as bold and confident and successful. And he has this brilliant ability to share his ups and downs and turn them into valuable learning for everyone.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • enjoying the long game of reaching your goals

  • making personal growth a curious experiment

  • turning obstacles into opportunities, defining what success looks like for you

  • investing in long-term health

  • and more!

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Show Notes:

Jason Zook Instagram: @jasondoesstuff

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