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Why Being Stuck in the Middle is a Good Thing

May Day is a celebration of Spring, a glorious, but often awkward season. While I’ve expressed my accolades of the season in a previous post, here’s another Spring observation for you and theme for this week’s newsletter:

Embrace the In-Between Times

This time of year can be a little annoying. The romance of hibernation has dwindled. Our bodies and souls are in desperate need of sunshine, and we just want summer to be here already. Thus lending Spring to be this odd time of transition.

But, dear reader, we need the Spring. We need this pause. This twilight season of transition. Because this is when the growth happens. This is when we are given a chance to work through the unknown to set the stage for what’s to come.

In my yoga classes, I always take time to pause in between postures. It is oh so tempting to want to cruise on through to the next thing, but it’s in the pause, that middle realm, where you get to reset and be fully present for what comes next.

Transitions are tough, though. And it can seem like that hardest time in your life. But I have been through many a tough transition in my short life and looking back, those times have been some of the sweetest times.

Why? Because the in-between times are like a blank canvas. You have so much behind you to learn from and so much ahead of you to create. Though it’s hard and confusing, there is also this excitement and adventure to it.

In Ayurveda, the most sacred time is considered to be right before dawn. That still, beautiful moment right before the sun rises to begin a new day. It’s in the magical twilight that you get to set the tone for what’s to come.

In conversations with my friends and clients, it seems that a lot of us are in this riding the “in-between train” right now in one way or another. If this is you, I ask you, how can you use this time for good?

What foundation would you like to set for the next season to come? What do you want to take with you and what do you want to leave behind? How much more can you grow and improve right now to be able to hit the ground running when this phase has passed?

Hopefully, the answers that come to mind make you excited and give some new purpose to an otherwise frustrating time.

I shall leave you with a quote by Barbara de Angelis:

“The moment in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.”

So dance it up!


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