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What Springtime Can Teach Us About Change

We are starting to experience the first awakenings of Spring here in Fargo! We’re usually a little late to the game, but lately we’ve been able to enjoy a few days of keeping the windows open, going outside without jackets, and swinging in hammocks in the park.

Spring is such a hopeful season. It seems like Fargo triples in size when everyone comes out of hibernation for some sunshine. Silly grins cover our faces instead of scarves as we pray the big freeze is over. All is well in the world, but then the next day it’s snowing and freezing temps once again, crushing our dreams of greener times.

This flux in weather can be quite discouraging, especially after the harsh winters of the north, but we forget that it’s all according to plan. This is how the change of season goes. A few days of warmth followed by cold. Every year. So why not plan on it? Why not embrace the ups and downs? Because pretty soon the warm stretch of days become longer and the cold days become fewer and then BAM! it’s summertime.

The same principle is true for all kinds of change. Be it changing a habit, a job, a relationship status, thought patterns. All of it.

We start one day with a new habit or outlook, ready to conquer the world. And then, before you know it, we are back to our old ways, frustrated and beating ourselves up. Some give up here, but that is quite foolish because if we try again, we will probably have a few more good days. Which will then probably be followed by some bad days.

But then we keep on truckin, and before you know it there are way more good days than bad, and then BAM! you’ve established a new habit or way of being.

You have probably experienced this is one way or another, and even if you haven’t, there is reason to have faith in the process of change.

Summer always works its way through the Spring. And it does because the world keeps turning and working it’s way around. There is no reason why our own “summers” can’t work its way through. We just can’t let those bad days defeat us and negate our efforts.

Just because you have a “bad” day when going through change doesn’t mean change will never come. Bad days are all a part of the plan. It’s how change works. Count on them and they won’t be bad days anymore. We could label them “learning” days or something much more inspiring than “bad.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is so much to learn from the cycles of nature. It really is wiser than all of us. As we experience the flux of Spring, hold back on the angst and let it teach us a few things!


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