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Ep. 6.5 The Ultimate Self Care Habit

Implementing new habits, especially when it comes to self-care, can be tricky and overwhelming. And it’s easy to want to apply the “all or nothing” mentality to building these habits because you are ready for results and you want them now.

But this way of going about it is not very sustainable, and it can lead to burn out, negative self-judgment, and defeat when you fall short of your big expectations. And when your self-care is laced with those thoughts and feelings, it really isn’t self-care.

So in this episode, I share a different approach that gives you some instant gratification, simplifies your habit-changing process, and it's something that you can do every day to care for yourself no matter what.

Take a listen as I talk about:

  • how to create a self-care practice that actually sticks

  • the power of showing up for yourself in small and simple ways

  • how your whole day can change in just five minutes

  • how to create a self-care non-negotiable you can start doing tomorrow

  • my personal non-negotiable that I do every day

  • and more

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Show Notes:


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