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Ep. 25 Carving Your Own Path with Kym Ventola

Kym Ventola is not only an amazing life and business coach, community garden manager, and wife and mama, but she is the founder of NINE Retreat, a community dedicated to empowering women through connection, wellness, adventure, and wisdom.

In this episode, Kym shares:

  • her own journey of the need to carve her own path when it came to self-care and caring for her family and community

  • the perks of taking social media breaks

  • setting healthy boundaries in everyday life

  • making the time for your passions

  • the joy of hitting rock bottom

  • living with less waste and a simpler lifestyle

  • the power of gathering in a judgment-free community

It is a jam-packed, delightful conversation that I know you will get a lot out of.

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Show Notes:

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