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Ep. 4.4 Self-Care for Mental Health – Revisited

The topic of mental health is being talked about more than ever. The good news is that this means more solutions are being offered and the shame around the topic is diminishing.

The bad news is that this means mental health struggles are more of an issue than ever. And if you don’t deal with it yourself, you know someone who does.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my early teens, and I’ve been on a healing journey with it ever since, with my own mental health and with helping my loved ones and clients with it, as well.

This week, I revamp a podcast episode I recorded a while back. I reconfigured it a bit, added in some new thoughts, and provide a Mental Health Checklist guide for you.

Take a listen as I share:

  • my personal journey with depression

  • how to become friends with your mental health issues

  • how to use your struggles as important warning signs

  • how to create a mental health checklist to ease your triggers

  • what your loved ones struggling with it really need from you right now

  • why your own health is the best way to help the ones you love

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