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Springtime Self-Care + Nap Time Rambles

Ah yes, the Springtime. The earth is waking back up. The animals are coming out of hibernation. We are refreshing ourselves after the slow Winter pace. And the Simple Self Care podcast is making a comeback!

I'm not counting this as an official new season of the podcast because I'm experimenting with a new format that will help me still greet you on the airwaves while living that new mom life. We are testing the waters with this to see how the podcast will be moving forward.

I'm calling it the "Nap Time Rambles" where I ramble on about a self-care topic within the duration of one of my five-month-old's naps, which happens to be around 30 minutes these days. So they will be more like my old school short and sweet episodes that are packed with self-care considerations and inspirations for your week.

And to kick it off, I'm helping you make the most of the end of this Spring season by sharing my top tips for aligning your self-care with the healing energies of this time of year.

Take a listen as I share some thoughts on:

  • letting go of perfectionism and showing up anyway

  • how to work through some of your self care hold ups

  • the healing qualities of Spring

  • the most simple and supportive way to detox

  • how to make the most of the Spring cleaning energy

  • and more!

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Show Notes:


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