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Healing Lessons from 2020 with Artist Nichole Rae

2020 was certainly a time, wasn't it? Along with the events and challenges we all shared globally, we also had our own personal high's and low's to work through. And while we are just starting to process all that went down last year, and we still don't have a lot of answers and solutions and a clear path forward, what we can do is stay in community with each other and find solace in relating to and learning from each other.

So with this special bonus episode, I bring on my dear friend and podcast regular Artist Nichole Rae for the third year in a row to recap our year, share what we've learned from what's been thrown our way, and offer some insights on moving into the new year with more positivity and intention.

Take a listen as we share:

  • Nichole’s journey with endometriosis and how it’s empowered her

  • some of my birth story and healing from an unplanned cesarean birth

  • dealing with things not going according to plan

  • life after trauma and leaning into who you are now

  • the power of staying present

  • holding space for joy and grief at the same time

  • and more

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Show Notes:


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