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Ep. 6.4 Reclaiming Your Mental Health with Dr. Kelly Brogan

As much as we want caring for our health and well-being to be a well-lit journey full of support and clarity, it more often feels like a long and confusing road full of misinformation, wrong turns, and disappointment of care from who we turn to for health.

But holistic psychiatrist and best-selling author Dr. Kelly Brogan is here to help guide us back to ways we can loving care for our mental health and beyond by tuning us back into the powers we have within to heal in a powerful and sustainable way.

I first discovered Kelly’s work years ago as I was dealing with a pretty big slump with my depression. With the help of her protocols and perspective and working with my own doctor and therapist, I have been able to treat my depression holistically and have more of an understanding of what I need and what depression is signaling to me when it creeps in. So I am very excited to be bringing you this conversation with her.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • How to move through the process of difficult emotions

  • How to trust yourself as the authority over your body

  • Self-Embodiment as a practice

  • How to know when you are ready for your next level of healing

  • The role self-care plays in healing chronic issues

  • How to prove to yourself that your choices matter

  • Why we have a hard time feeling calm and relaxed

  • Navigating mental health through postpartum and menopause

  • And more!

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Show Notes:


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