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spring self care guide

With this guide you will learn...

  • the best self-care practices for this time of year

  • how to align your healing needs with what Spring has to offer to truly enjoy this season

  • how to reawaken your body, mind, and heart after Winter's hibernation

  • practices to clear, cleanse, and recharge from the inside out

spring self care guide naturally randi k

Springtime brings with it a fresh energy of new beginnings. It's our time to shake off the dust of winter, let go of our hibernation habits, and make space a more active and rejuvenating way of life. And while most of us are very excited for those first warm days and the new buds on the trees, Spring can also be a frustrating and messy time of year that can easily leave us feeling scattered and unstable.

Use this guide to help you learn how to stay grounded and intentional during this intense transitional season so you can enjoy all of the gifts this refreshing time of year has to offer.

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hello there.

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I’m Randi Kay, a holistic health practitioner and educator that helps women manage and heal their pain and stress through their daily lifestyle. 

I got into the wellness industry because I was trying to heal myself. Ever since I got diagnosed with depression as a teenager, I’ve been on an ever-evolving healing journey, and I eventually learned that medication and hoping for the best could only get me so far. So I decided to embark on my own healing adventure to discover what was missing and how I could heal on a deep level, not just treat the symptoms. 

Through learning how to follow my own intuition and trust in my own healing journey, I now know that the true healing happens through daily lifestyle practices and changes. I’ve gone on to study with some of the top leaders in the healing industry and have become specialized in treating women’s health issues through Abdominal Therapies, Herbalism, Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation, Seasonal Self-Care practices.

And now, with over a decade of experience personally and professionally, I’m here to help you connect with yourself and your body, and feel in relationship with your pain, not a victim to it.

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