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Ep. 6.2 Following Your Pain to Find the Joy with Thérèse Cator

With all that is going on in the world right now, it's tempting to want to numb and ignore our pain and difficulties. But what if sitting with and following our pain, grief, and trauma was the key to truly healing pain and easing the stress response? What if we could feel so safe within our bodies that we could process and move through this time in an empowered way?

In this episode, I got to chat with Thérèse Cator, a leadership coach, healer, and founder of Black Girls Breathe, about how to listen and honor our pain and the shares with us the benefits of doing so.

Thérèse brings over a decade of experience in the wellness industry as well as her education, experience, and knowledge in non-profit development, teaching, social justice, business, and the arts. At the core, her work is rooted in love, liberation, and community.

As you will hear in our conversation, her wisdom on health and healing and self-care and working through trauma and pain is incredible. And it’s very approachable and applicable to our world right now.

So please listen and re-listen to this chat with Thérèse about:

  • how to still find joy during hard times and why we need to

  • how to be an activist without getting burnt out

  • how to sit with pain, discomfort, and grief and use it all as important information to guide our healing

  • the difference between connected and disconnected self-care

  • how our own self-care impacts our community

  • different forms of healing like somatic work, shadow work, and dealing with spiritual bypassing

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