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Ep. 6.10 Lessons from a Pandemic Pregnancy

This pandemic has been weird and trying and unpredictable for everyone. We all have our own story of how it's changed our lives and shifted how we show up in the world. And for me, it's been happening amidst another huge life shift - pregnancy and becoming a parent for the first time.

But the silver lining of any season of difficulty is that there are also very valuable life lessons to be learned and implemented. So to close out this season of the podcast, I'm sharing with you the top 5 lessons I've learned from being pregnant during a global pandemic.

And since I know that only a small percentage of listeners are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant during this time, the lessons I'm sharing can be applied to any phase of life or circumstance you happen to be in. And if you are pregnant, you'll get an added layer of value from this one.

So take a listen as I share my insights on:

  • how to lovingly deal with an identity crisis

  • how to honor the grieving process

  • welcoming in new traditions and rituals

  • honoring your weird and quirky rhythms

  • how to celebrate your body, no matter the size and shape

  • how recovering people pleasers set healthy boundaries

  • staying present to the love and joy that you may be missing

  • the importance of staying in community, no matter what it ends up looking like

  • and more!

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