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Ep. 6.9 Creating a Healing Home Culture with Kami McBride

The home should be a place to rest and restore after your busy day and spend quality time with your friends and family. But because of the state of the world right now, our living space is not only our home, it's our office, our classrooms, and more.

And because of these added distractions and responsibilities to our home life, we are having a harder time carving out space and time for rest, relaxation, connection - though we need it more than ever.

To help us bring this much needed TLC back into our homes, herbalist and educator Kami McBride is here to share with us her expertise in creating and implementing simple and therapeutic ways use the power of plant medicine to calm our anxieties, build our immune system, and connect with our loved ones on a daily basis.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • how to make herbalism a part of your everyday life

  • the powerful medicine you have right in your spice cabinet

  • why it’s important to be literate in herbal remedies

  • how to get your kids and other family members excited about herbal remedies

  • what's missing from the covid prevention conversation

  • the importance of building your immunity and digestion in little ways every day

  • the power of therapeutic healing touch in the family

  • how to create a healing culture in your home

  • a simple five-minute practice to calm your nervous system and build your immune system daily

  • herbal care for pregnancy and postpartum

  • and more

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Show Notes:


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