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Ep 18: The Joy of Community with Folkways

For the final week of the Month of Joy series, I chat with community builders and influencers Simone Wai and Joe Burgum with Folkways.

From farmer's markets to Christmas markets, canoe parades to mobile saunas, these two have been able to cultivate so much joy and connection in their hometown community and beyond.

In our conversation, we talk about how to fall in love with your hometown, the importance of connection and community, and how to make a difference and bring the joy to your city. I also take you on an adventure into the mobile sauna to get their take on winter wellness and cozying up your life.

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Show Notes:

My husband Nate and our pup Juniper in our Juniper themed canoe at The Canoe Parade.

Joe and Simone with their Loon Canoe.

Log the Mobile Sauna.


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