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The Heart Work of Inclusion + Diversity with Rosie Nestingen

The topics of racism, diversity, and inclusion are very complex, uncomfortable, and triggering. But they can be loving and compassionate, as well, and need to become a part of our everyday life and our everyday interactions.

To help us navigate these topics, I brought on my friend and Inclusion and Diversity expert Rosie Nestingen to share with us the importance of having these conversations, of doing this work, and how we can turn it into a loving part of our daily lives.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • make anti-racism a daily practice

  • what real learning and listening looks like

  • the importance of educating your kids and other young people

  • how resting and self-care is a part of this movement

  • how this work needs to be so much more than hashtags and posts on social media

  • starting where you are at in the circles and industries you are currently in

  • making your events and platforms more inclusive

  • how to do the hard work of heart work

  • and more!

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