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Make Room For Yourself: How to Create a Home Practice

One of the hold-ups I hear a lot from people for having any sort of home self-care or yoga practice is that they feel like they don’t have space for it. That because they don’t have a room they can dedicate to it or they have family or roommates at home that will distract them, they can’t possibly have a home practice.

Well, I am here to tell you lovingly that those excuses are just that. Excuses.

No matter your living condition, I can boldly say with confidence that you have space for a home practice. All it takes is some redefining of what a home practice means and looks like to you.

Here are a few tips, insights if you will, on making the space needed to do your most important work of taking care of yourself.

Reframe Your Practice

The idea of a home practice can be pretty overwhelming. I know from my own experience over the years of having this grand idea of what it “should” be according to various comparisons I made to other people. And trying to create it based on “should’s” and random expectations was a recipe for disaster.

It wasn’t until I let go of everything I thought it should be and kept it really, really simple that my practice started to thrive in profound ways. I invite you to do the same.

A home practice is meant to ground you, keep you tuned in to yourself and your needs, and provide some therapeutic movement. All you need is the dimensions of a yoga mat, really.

And having distractions around just means you get to be more disciplined about tuning in. Learning the skill of tuning out distractions so you can tune in is one of the most valuable skills to nurture.

Bottom line: Let go of expectations and keep it simple.

‘Pop Up Shop’ It

If it isn’t possible to have a permanent home for your practice, like if you travel a lot or need to use your space for multiple things, gather some special items and create a daily pop up shop for your practice.

Unroll your mat, light a candle or incense, set out stones or other trinkets that bring you joy. Turn on music, if you’d like, and put on some essential oils and you are good to go!

Do your thing for however long you can (There is no specific time limit for your practice, FYI. Sometimes mine is only 5 min.), and then pack it back up, put your items in a special box, and be on your way!

And know that unpacking and packing your sacred space on a daily basis can be a very fulfilling ritual all in itself.

Get Your Roomies on Board

You might have some limitations with your home practice due to those you share your home with. Friends, partners, kids, pets, can all be influenced by your practice, but this is no reason to hold back.

All it takes is an honest conversation and some patience. I’ve had great results with those in my life of just letting them in on what I want to do, instead of fearing that they won’t respect my desires.

It’s led to stress-free practice time for myself and even inspired others to have their own time for self-care.

I know a mother of young kids who has taught her children to have their own quiet time to themselves while she practices. It has taken a lot of work, and it isn’t always perfect, but what a beautiful thing!

Remember, if you don’t fill your own cup, you have nothing to pour. You will be a better partner, friend, parent when you take this time. So let them all in on it! Be diligent and your home life will transform.

Start brainstorming and experimenting with what your home practice can look like. Treat making room for yourself just as important as having space to sleep, cook, and bathe. Because I argue that it is just as important as those other spaces.

And as we learned from our favorite inspirational sports drama of the late 1980’s “Field of Dreams,” if we build it, it will come. Or in this case, if we make the space, the practice will follow.


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