Back to Self Care Four Week Series
Aug 28

Back to Self Care Four Week Series

"Self Care" is getting a lot of buzz these days as an important aspect of life, but it's hard to know where to start and what to do to make it a part of everyday life. This series takes the guesswork out of a self care practice and helps you create and implement a practice unique to your life and your needs. 

In this series, you will learn:

  • what self care is and looks like for you
  • gentle yoga techniques to ease and prevent tension and chronic pain
  • simple meditation and breathing practices to use anywhere, anytime
  • journaling exercises to tune into yourself on a deeper level
  • ways to create a self care space at home, work, and on the go

Yoga Foundations Six Week Series
May 1

Yoga Foundations Six Week Series

Starting a yoga practice can be an overwhelming journey. Even maintaining your current practice can lead to frustration. Though practicing yoga is a wonderful thing, we can get hung up in the basics. We can lose our focus by wondering "Am I doing this right? Is this even what yoga is? I don't look like that person; I must not be doing it." We even struggle to trust that we can do yoga on our own, without instruction. 

In this six-week series, Randi will guide you on establishing a firm foundation for your yoga practice that will help you feel empowered in any yoga class and develop a starting point for your home yoga practice. 

It's a great start for those new to yoga, and it can take you deeper into your practice if you have some yoga experience. 

Click HERE for more info and to register.