Ep. 2.5: Courtney Carver on Simple and Soulful Living


Known for her capsule wardrobe challenge Project 333 and all things minimalism, Courtney Carver from bemorewithless.com talks with us not just about our closets and simplifying, but we also get into some juicier topics of how to be your own health advocate, cultivating inner trust, what do right after devastating news, debt-free living, and more.

We also talk about her new book Soulful Simplicity and her year-long course A Simple Year that is now open for registration.

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Imagine what it would feel like to breathe a little easier, and feel lighter moving through your home and life. How would things change if you started taking steps to be less overwhelmed, busy, sick, or tired?

 With A Simple Year, you can put yourself on the path to positive change, one month at a time, as you learn from simplicity advocates who specialize in topics like clutter, food, money, relationships, and busyness. 

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