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the prepidsode: a welcome from randi + the eclipse

Before we embark on this exciting journey through the airwaves together, I figured it important to provide you a preparatory episode, a prepisode if you will, of The Simple Self Care Podcast, a weekly nudge to take good care.

Not only does this prepisode tell you what this podcast is about, how it came to be, and what you can expect in future episodes, it takes you on a little trip with me to the lakes of Minnesota.

Special appearances by the Solar Eclipse, the Loons of Minnesota, and a windy lake. 

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Self Care In The Air

At this time last week, I had the wonderful privilege of facilitating a workshop about self care to an amazing group of thinkers and creators at the Changemakers Summit in San Francisco. (P.S. I really enjoy presenting at these types of events and spreading the good word, so please reach out if you’d like me to come to you!)
I've been home for a few days from Cali, and I'm still coming down from the whirlwind travels. Though it can throw off your rhythm a bit, traveling is one of my favorite things. Since I LOVE to travel and have done quite a bit of it, I figured that it might be helpful to share some of my self care travel tips.

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