What if tuning in to your true needs and honoring them was a normal, daily activity?

What if self care wasn't just reserved weekend relaxing or squeezed in if you manage to get some spare time?

What if you felt empowered in your body to make educated and sound decisions about your health and your lifestyle?


Turning these 'what if's' into a reality is the core of what Naturally Randi Kay is all about.

And creating this life for yourself is simpler than you think.  


Welcome to my online home dedicated to taking good care. To learning practical and profound ways of bringing self care and self love into every area of life. To bridging the gap between the nature outside and the nature within.

I've been in the wellness industry for over a decade, helping people heal chronic pain through massage therapy, yoga, and self care mentoring. Within the past few years, I began to notice a strong disconnect between the healing work people would do with me and how they lived their everyday lives. 

We would make incredible breakthroughs, and then they would go back to business as usual in their daily lives and recreate the pain we worked so hard at resolving. But that fault isn't just their own.

The truth is that learning how to make our everyday lives part of our medicine isn't commonly taught. We don't learn it in most educational settings. It isn't encouraged, and is frequently frowned upon, in work settings. And our health culture has been shaped by modern conveniences, instant gratification, and bandaid solutions. 

So this is where I come in.


I would like to offer you knowledge and tangible tools to use to make self care a way of life. To make it a ritual and a practice as common as brushing your teeth. 

Self care isn't some fluffy spa treatment or some idea that stays in the land of hopes and dreams. It's real and available to you right now. And I'm here to give you some guidance, support, and a place to start. 

Head over to the blog to learn more about my therapeutic, simple approach to taking good care. Or check out my services page to learn how I can help you deepen your self care practice today.

Fun Facts

  • I graduated from Massage school in 2007 and became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2009.

  • I have a BA in Creative Writing and have poetry and essays in various publications.

  • Traveling to foreign lands is my all time favorite thing.

  • Cuddling with my one year old goldendoodle, Juniper, is also my all time favorite thing.

  • I'm based out of Fargo, North Dakota and live in an adorable 101 year old home with my husband and pup.

  • Some people say I'm a singer/songwriter type, and you can hear my music HERE.

  • I have a secret talent for eating all of the pasta. No noodle is safe.

  • I plan on retiring in a tree house.

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