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Ep. 3.4 Making Time When You Have No Time

Time. We have turned time into a scarcity, a luxury, and even an adversary. But yet it’s just hanging around, doing the same old thing at the same old pace since the beginning of, well, time.

So why does it take so many forms? Why does it seem like a fickle trickster, messing with our concept of what time actually is? What if the problem is actually us and our brilliant human minds?

This week on the podcast, in honor of springing forward this Sunday, I revisit the topic of good ‘ol father time. Yes, I’ve talked about it before on the podcast, but not having enough time remains to be the number one obstacle that keeps people from maintaining a self-care practice.

Take a listen to this week’s episode to hear my favorite ways to shift your relationship with time. Let Father Time be your friend, not your foe.

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