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Ep. 2.4: Loving without Limits with Dr. Jaqueline A. Bussie

Today’s podcast is a special one indeed. A conversation about probably the most important thing on the planet, maybe even the universe. And that thing is love.

Dr. Jaqueline A. Bussie is an award winning author, theologian, public speaker, and professor at Concordia College up here in my neck of the woods, Moorhead, MN.

In her most recent book, Love Without Limits, she writes about what it means to truly love and be loved, and how to learn to love across differences.

  • Jaqueline’s personal journey of cultivating this love within

  • how to deal with religious and political differences with those that you love

  • how to create your own loving and supportive community

  • how to move forward when you feel like your purpose and mission is destroyed

  • and more!

And one my favorite parts of our conversation is when she shares her experience with getting fired from her publisher while writing Love Without Limits because of the stories of her Muslim and LGBTQ loved ones in her community. How her book ended up coming to be is an incredible tale full of really powerful lessons for all of us.

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Show Notes:

instagram: jbussie


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