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Feeling a little off?

It's time to come home to yourself.

My Realignment Sessions provide structure, accountability, and guidance for your journey back to who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

Simple Self Care Practices Self Care Coa

You’ve got a lot on your plate, don’t you.

So much so that perhaps you sound a little (or a lot) like this:

  • You feel a disconnect between your values and what you spend your time doing

  • You don't remember the last time you really felt like yourself

  • You feel guilty every time you something just for you

  • You get stressed out trying to de-stress

  • You’ve lost touch with nature and the natural rhythm of things and you are aching to reconnect and realign

  • Even though you know something needs to change, you feel trapped in your current lifestyle and you don't know where to start

Simple Nature Collective Naturally Randi

Imagine if you felt more like this...

Imagine if you felt more like this...

  • You confidently make decisions based on your values

  • You are in tune with your body and honor it's natural rhythms

  • You have time and energy for what you really love and care about

  • You trust your body and your own inner wisdom to guide you on what you need

  • Taking care of yourself is a simple, joyful act instead of an overwhelming burden

  • You let go of people, activities, and mindsets that aren’t serving you anymore

  • You know how to care for yourself and your own needs, no matter what life throws at you

  • You feel at home in your body and content with your life

This way of life is possible, and it's what we start working towards during our sessions.

Simple Nature Collective Randi Kay Olsen



We will have a 1-hour phone call to go over your intake form and get clear on how I can best serve you. We will also do a deep dive into your current situation, where you feel out of alignment, and what your next right steps are to creating healing practices and a way of life to bring you back into alignment.


You will get a private client folder with summaries from our calls and personalized self-care practices based on your unique needs and desires so everything is in one easy place for you to reference. No guesswork on what to do or where to start.


For the next week, your questions and progress get #1 priority in my in-box. You will have access to my support, and I will serve as your best accountability buddy.


A 30-minute check-in call a week after our initial call to see how things went, work through any challenges that came up and refine your plan.

Image by Jay Mantri
Simple Nature Collective Naturally Randi

Erica U.

 “Before starting I just felt like I wanted to do so many things to 'Help Myself' but felt overwhelmed. I was hard on myself for not nailing my self-care practice all the time. Afterward, I felt I was given tools to help me slowly build my self-care practice and that it was ok to do one at a time and build on it. I felt more connected with myself and listening to what I need to do for me.”


Liz C.

”I learned to really think about how I'm feeling, why I feel that way, what I can do about my feelings, and how to move forward. This has helped me in SO many aspects of my life and it has really helped with communication in my relationship. Keep doing what you are doing because this program helped me change my life!”

I've been there!

Randi Kay Olsen Simple Self Care Simple

I got into the wellness industry because I was trying to heal myself. Ever since I got diagnosed with depression as a teenager, I’ve been on an ever-evolving healing journey, and I eventually learned that medication and hoping for the best could only get me so far. Over time, I found that the true healing happened when I started tending to myself on a truly personal level through daily practices and lifestyle changes.

As you may have learned from your own ailments - there really is no “one size fits all” program to health. There is no quick fix or magic potion to make you a new person.

If there was, I would tell you, because I feel like I did everything “right” to feel happy and healthy. To free myself from anxiety, digestion issues, low-energy, mysterious body pain - you know, all of the good stuff.

It wasn’t until I went to Massage School and started learning how the body works, how connected the body and mind are, and how everybody and every body is different, that I started treating my own approach to health differently. I changed my diet, started practicing yoga regularly, adopted seasonal practices, and learned other ways to quiet the chatter and stress. And through that I was led to the wisest healer - myself!

It’s been well over a decade since I embarked on my self-healing path, and since I started my wellness studies. I’m one of those unique coaches that not only has healed themselves, but is also a seasoned practitioner. I’ve studied all over the US and internationally to learn from the top leaders in the healing industry and have become specialized in Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation, Women’s Health, Trigger Point Therapy, Mayan Abdominal Therapies, Clinical Thai Bodywork, and Herbalism.

And I’m here to help you create your own path. Let’s embark together, shall we?

Let's Begin

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