Welcome to the Self Care circle

The inner circle. The circle of trust. A community for those wanting to live a little happier and a little healthier each day. 


I'm so glad you have stumbled on this page, for it is the heart and soul of Naturally Randi Kay.

Various cultures throughout time have used a circle as a safe and sacred space. A circle is a place to gather, connect, protect, and celebrate. The Self Care Circle is all of those things. 

In a world where diet trends and exercise fads are bombarding and confusing us, how do we know who to trust and what to do? I believe that we have all of answers within us. Our bodies and minds are full of wisdom, if we just listen. I want to help you learn how to listen. How to use education on how your body works and why it might be in pain to empower you. 

No matter your ailment or body pain, self care is vital for any outside efforts to stay. Self care is the key to true healing. Let me show you.

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