self care mentoring


Self Care is establishing a deep relationship with yourself that enables you to tune in anytime, anywhere to hear what you need. Then, from that space, you can act and react accordingly. You can develop daily rituals that serve as a home base for tuning in, and you can use those discovered tools from your practice to bring self care into every area of your life. 

I am here to help you discover those tools. To help you hear what your inner wisdom is saying. To help you recognize what holds you back. And to hold you accountable and help you implement your discoveries into your everyday life. 

So, let's get curious.

Let's do an experiment of how the simple, yet profound act of tuning in can change your life for the better. From my own healing and those I have helped heal over the last decade, I know that your own self care practice is where the magic happens on the healing journey. Read on to find a mentoring option that will best serve where you are at on your own journey. 

 one month nurturing mentorship

This month long mentorship takes you deep into your self care journey. It's designed to have you dig in and develop practices to truly nurture those areas of ourselves we tend to neglect. Be it work, family, or social commitments, we tend to put our needs last and assume we don't have time for ourselves. But there is time, and this mentorship will teach you how to make the space.  

We will start with an hour long session to get familiar on where you are and where you would like to go. We will have weekly check-ins for three weeks. These will happen over the phone and will last up to 30 minutes each. We will finish the month with another hour session to listen, reflect, and establish what a self care practice looks for you. We will work together to create a refined plan for moving forward. You will have a better understanding of yourself and how your inner wisdom communicates with you. Honing this skill of listening to yourself is the key to any effective self care practice. 


  • email evaluation prior to the first session

  • two face-to-face hour long sessions (remotely or in person) at the beginning and end of the month

  • weekly personalized plans filled with specific self care rituals

  • three weekly phone call check-ins to keep you accountable and to course correct if needed

  • email support throughout the month

  • access to my self care educational tools (yoga and meditation techniques, journaling practices, healthy daily habits, etc.)

  • a month dedicated to your well being, to filling your own cup so you have something to pour

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