with this guide you’ll learn:

  • Effective self-care techniques that fit right into your work day. No extra time required.

  • The easiest way to ease neck, shoulder, and wrist pain. 

  • How to make minor changes in your habits to give you major results.

Download this free 5-step guide for my top self-care tips to keep yourself nurtured and cared for during your desk-bound hustle. 

In my 10+ years of being a bodyworker and yoga teacher, most of my clients with pain issues come not from being active or even from injury. It’s from the negative effects of desk working day in and day out. But the key to staying healthy and happy while you work is in the small and simple adjustments you can make to how you work.

And I’ve put my favorite most effective habits into a sweet little guide just for you.

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hi! i’m randi kay.

I’m the author of this fair guide and the creator of The Simple Self Care Podcast.

I've been in the wellness industry for over a decade, helping people heal chronic pain through bodywork, yoga, and self-care mentoring. Within the past few years, I began to notice a strong disconnect between the healing work people would do with me and how they lived their everyday lives. 

So I went on a mission to educate and empower people to make every area of life a healing opportunity. I offer simple, tangible tools to make self-care apart of your daily operations and to remind you of the inner wisdom you already have inside.