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yoga foundations six week series


Wednesdays, Sept. 11 - Oct. 16

5:45-7:00pm, 14 1/2 8th St S in Fargo

Starting a yoga practice can be an overwhelming journey. Even maintaining your current practice can lead to frustration. Though practicing yoga is a wonderful thing, we can get hung up in the basics. We can lose our focus by wondering "Am I doing this right? Is this even what yoga is? I don't look like that person; I must not be doing it." We even struggle to trust that we can do yoga on our own, without instruction. 

In this six-week series, I will guide you on establishing a firm foundation for your yoga practice that will help you feel empowered in any yoga class and develop a starting point for your home yoga practice. 

It's a great start for those new to yoga, and it can take you deeper into your practice if you have some yoga experience. 

Each 75 minute class will include:

  • Breakdowns of classic yoga postures and how to cater them to your body

  • Sequences to help you develop your own daily practice

  • Techniques for healing chronic pain

  • Basic breathing techniques to relieve stress and calm the body and mind

  • Handouts of the information covered to refer to no matter where you want to practice

  • Time in class for questions and discussion to make sure you are really learning and understanding the practices

I have based my years studying and teaching yoga around making yoga accessible, therapeutic, and an all around good time for all levels. Join me this Fall in building a solid yoga foundation to enhance your practice and your life.

*This usually sells out, so be sure to register to reserve your spot!*

Price: $90

Register by clicking the button below.

words from past students

 "This will be my 3rd or 4th time taking the yoga foundations class – I love it!  It provides solid practice in a non-intimidating way.  Plus, there is plenty of laughing – which is also good for the body and soul!" - Trish S. 

"I've taken Randi's Foundational Yoga Class several times, and it has changed my life. I'm new to yoga and Randi made such a positive impact in my practice. She goes step by step through the yoga movements in a very comfortable and relaxing setting. I never think to myself, "I'm not doing this right" because Randi is so clear in her instruction and patient. The group setting is great for learning how to practice and on how to continue the practice at home.  I look forward to the class every week and learn something new each week about myself. I highly recommend Randi's Class to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga and the benefits of self care." - Amy M.

"Coming back to even a limited yoga practice after all that my body has endured in it's 43 years has been physically, spiritually, and emotionally healing. The relationships formed and energy shared in class is unlike anything I've ever been a part of.  Randi makes that difference by allowing all of her students to show up just as they are, and then feel good about that. She invites them into this beautiful, healing space that dissipates the pressure to look perfect in a pose." - Kristin F. 

*There are no refunds or transferring to another class after class begins. Please be sure of your commitment when you invest in a class. Feel free to contact me with any questions before making a decision. 

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