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Does your body (and soul) hurt from being glued to your screen for hours at a time?

Migraines, Carpal Tunnel, or low back pain getting you down?

Do you wish you had some tools and knowhow to counter the effects of desk sitting and enjoy your desk job even more?


Desk Happy is here to help. 

More and more jobs these days are moving online and on screen. In fact, if you combine commuting, sitting at meals, and vegging out with entertainment at the end of the day, desk workers sit an average of 10-13 hours a day

Because of this, and an overall sedentary lifestyle, there have been new medical conditions popping up like "text neck" and "sitting disease." Doctors have even been saying that sitting is the new smoking because of the long term dangerous effects sitting can have on a person.

All of this sitting is showing to significantly increase heart disease, mental illness, and diabetes, to name a few. Not to mention it negatively influencing your energy levels, digestion, function of the reproductive organs, and body pain

I don't mean to scare you with this information, but we do get stuck on auto pilot and have a hard time realizing the impact of our day to day routines. But as a bodyworker of 10 years, I've been able to see the how much our bodies are suffering. Out of all of the types of clients I see, desk workers have shown to have the worst tightness and pain - from seemingly doing nothing!


I've created this course to help you feel empowered at work. To give you a light other than the glow coming from your computer screen. You don’t have to be a slave to your desk. And this course is here to teach you practical and powerful ways to not only feel better, but to prevent pain from creeping in. 


While you might not be able to escape your screens, all is not lost. Your desk job does not have to cause you pain. You are not doomed to an unhealthy fate. There are ways to take good care of yourself and counter these negative effects, and many of them you can do while you are working! 

It really is the simple, small things that make the biggest differences. Thank you for helping me recognize that self care is not a grand gesture or “master plan,” but instead a regular commitment to yourself to do the things you know you need to that set you up for being healthy, happy, and feeling cared for.
— Annie W.

Who is this course for?

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Whether you work in a 9-5 setting or work remotely, this course is a perfect resource for you to not just endure your job, but enjoy it. 

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The hustle is real and you probably spend more time at a computer than you want to admit. Use this course to structure your work life with your health and happiness as a #1 priority. 

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It's getting near to impossible to manage your, or your family's, life without being online and on screen. The course will help you take good care while you take care of life's demands.


course breakdown

seven self-guided lessons // lifetime access // instructional videos // journaling prompts and workbooks

 Lesson 5: Healthy Work Habits - It's not just what you are doing that influence you. It's HOW you are doing it. Here are my favorite tips and tricks to weave self care into your daily grind. 

Lesson 6: Healing Pain - Here we get into the nitty gritty of how to not only heal the common aches and pains that come from desk working, but also how to prevent the pain from coming back. We cover remedies for neck pain, headaches, wrist pain, low back pain, digestion issues, poor circulation, depression and anxiety, fatigue, and more. 

Lesson 7: Healing Stress - Stress levels and pain levels go hand in hand, so it's important to also be tending to the other factors that influence your health and happiness. Here we dig into how we can recognize stress (sometimes it can sneak on it), how process it in a healthy way, and how to reduce it in our lives. 

Bonus Videos: Here are some helpful ways to expand your healing beyond the desk and work place. Enjoy these movement and meditation resources to add to your daily rituals when the time is right.

Lesson 1: The Problem - Learn why doctors are calling sitting the new smoking and what can happen if we don't actively counter the negative effects of desk working. 

Lesson 2: The Why - Lasting change and true healing only comes when there is a strong motivation to do so. Learn what is actually happening to your body when we sit and work for hours on end and establish your own personal and significant reasons for changing your current habits. 

Lesson 3: Self Care 101 - Before you can implement self care, you have to know what it looks like for you and your personal experience. Self care doesn't always look the same way for everyone. In this lesson, learn what "self care" actually means and where you need to start. 

Lesson 4: Happy Up Your Desk - Your external world has a deep impact on your internal world. Clearing the clutter and making your space a happier place to be will set the stage for the healthier habits to come.


  • Access to a private facebook group full of:

weekly and daily challenges, easy access to Randi Kay for help, and a community with others changing they way they work and they way they live

  • Personalized email support for me to help keep you on track


why you can trust me

I’ve been in the healing industry for over decade as a bodyworker and yoga teacher. Most of the clients I have worked with over the years have come in with chronic pain due to the wear and tear of sitting at a desk, hunched over a screen for most of their day. 

Neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, carpal tunnel symptoms, digestion issues, all happen as a result of sitting. When you sit and work at a desk all day, this also includes sitting while you eat, while you commute, while you unwind at the end of the day, you underuse important muscles that are meant to be you main movers, and over muscles that are meant to just be helpers.

This combination of overuse and underuse of particular muscle groups result in these common pain patterns that I see again and again. And while I’ve been able to help relieve this pain, most of the healing and the true healing comes from what you do on a daily basis with the lifestyle that you’ve created.

You can read more about me and why I'm qualified to help you HERE, but I've taken all of my years of study and experience and combined into a simple course of action you can take today to feel happier now, and be healthier throughout your career and life. 

I absolutely love learning from Randi Kay! The information she gives is always new and always something I can use, presented in an entertaining and easy to understand way.
— Linda A.

Sure, you could spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on pain treatments, just to have the discomfort and dissatisfaction return. You could waste precious time on the internet trying to find this method or that program that might address your core issues. You could try continue to power through pain and poor working conditions with the hopes that it could get better overtime. 


You could get to the root of your pain. You could spend a few hours educating yourself on how your lifestyle could be causing your issues and you can receive very specific instruction on how to tend to that pain. You could form an empowered relationship with yourself so you can learn your body's warning signs and even prevent pain from creeping in. 

Choose wisely. Your health and happiness depends on it. 


Introductory Price: $97

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