Age 31: The Year of Daily Rituals

A little over a month ago, I turned the spry age of 31. A very humdrum number, with it shadowed by the ever-so-defining age of 30. I had a wonderful, relaxing, satisfied-with-life birthday, filled with loved ones, brunch, naps, and cake. But there was a precedent set in my 30th year that I was now left contemplating. 

When I turned 30, I decided to celebrate by creating a "30 While 30 Book List," which consisted of reading 30 books in my 30th year. The list consisted of my reading weaknesses, i.e. classics I've been putting off, books that have been on my shelf for years, books left unfinished, etc. My book review will be posted shortly, but I am happy to report that I did it!

So now what? I felt so accomplished and now there was a sort of goal-driven void. So I thought, why can't turning 31 be just as exciting, filled with reflection and goal setting? How can I spice it up? So I decided to keep with the yearly goal train and have dedicated my 31st year to a different weakness of mine: daily rituals. 

But Randi, you may be wondering, you're a yoga teacher and seem so put together! Aren't you a master of discipline? Why would daily rituals be a weakness of yours? Don't you have it all figured out? 

I'm sorry to disappoint, but the answer is no. And secret, no one has it all figured out. But, I'm more of a free spirit, you see. I'm not defined by rules or schedules or disciplines! I'm defined by being spontaneous, adventurous, easy going! None of this daily ritual business.

Or at least this is what I have been. And some wonderful things have come from living this way, but on the hand, it's also led to chaos, anxiety, and unhealthy habits that really don't serve me. 

Over the past few years, the down sides of my free-spiritedness have been over powering the up sides. I've understood that there is wisdom in structure and discipline, but it really didn't click. And then I read Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey, one of the books on my "30 While 30" list. 

In this book, Currey talks about famous artists and authors and their creative process. All of them were very disciplined, in normal and quite odd ways, with their daily rituals in order to create space for the creative process. 

Structure to create freedom? Discipline to promote creativity? Huh. What a concept. And if it worked for them, why wouldn't it help me with my goals and endeavors?

And so, since I am committed to practice what I preach, to always be on the healing journey, to learn along side you and teach what I've learned, I figured trying on this whole daily ritual thing might be a good idea. Or at least step up my daily ritual game, because I have been chipping away at it. 

So what does that look like for this glorious 31st year? It's not as black and white as a book list, so it makes the goal tracking a bit trickier, But that's ok, since the rituals shall evolve depending on the season, projects I'm working on, the ebb and flow of my busy times, things that come up. 

I've already been adhering to some rituals since my birthday in April, but for the sake of structure, I shall start sharing it all with you June 1st. Each month I'll share the daily ritual I want to adopt and focus on it everyday that month. 

Each month I'll add a new ritual and report my thoughts, struggles, successes from the previous month. Sounds pretty fun, doesn't it?! And feel free to join in on the fun and let me know how it goes. Be it your own daily ritual goal or the one I'm doing. 

Where you can follow along with me on this magical journey? I'll be blogging about it at the start of each month, so stay tuned for that. But it will be live action on Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram: @naturallyrandikay

Snapchat: TheRandiKay

I know this will not be the easiest thing for me. In fact, it will be quite hard. But I take joy in being uncomfortable, for I know that discomfort can lead to great growth. So here's to great growth! See you on June 1st!

Until next time, 

Take good care.