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how mountain pose can heal your pain

I have a pretty big soft spot for mountains. I lived in the Rocky's for over eight years, and those mountains always brought me so much peace and healing. And now when I go back to visit, I still get this strong feeling of home. 

On some level, the same is true whenever I do when I do Mountain Pose or Tadasana. 

At first glance it seems like a very basic yoga posture. I mean, you are just standing there. But the secret, magical thing is that you are not just standing there. You are bringing your body back into alignment, or a neutral position that serves as a counterpose to any negative patterns in the fascia (or connective tissue) that have been created. In a way, you are coming back home.

Let me break it down for you. Imagine your body like a sailboat. When you pull on one rope, a sail goes up. When you let go of that rope, the sail goes down. The sails are always responding to the tension of the rope. 

The same is true in your own body. If you lean on one leg all of the time, the opposite hip goes up and becomes tight. If you tend to should pain on one side, the other shoulder responds. Your body is always trying to balance out the tension, thus creating odd compensation patterns that continue to create more pain and dysfunction. 

Mountain Pose is a simple, yet profound way bring the tension back to neutral and balance it out in a healthy way. Yes, it is subtle. Yes, it takes time. But I can say from personal experience that it works. I come back to mountain pose regularly throughout my day, and it has made the world of difference with my hip and leg pain, but also the quality of my body overall. 

Here are the steps I teach to create a stable and aligned Mountain Pose. 

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How to Be the Light in Dark Times

The media is always flooded with not-so-great things, but the past few weeks have been particularly heartbreaking. It’s easy to get caught up in everyone’s opinions and reporters overdramatizing everything, but what does that really do? How does that help anything, really?

What if, instead of perpetuating the drama, we offered something else? Something that might seem completely unrelated, but could actually offer a remedy. And that remedy is simpler than you think. Be the light. 

As my dear friend Albus Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light.” And during dark times we have a choice to either keep feeling around in the dark, or turn on the light. 

The Summer Solstice is happening on Tuesday, which means it’s the longest day of the year. Daylight will stretch and bring light to the darkest hours of the night. What a wonderful time to counter some of the dark occurrences with a bit of light. 

So how to do this? Where to begin? The specific manifestations of it really does depend on the situation. Reading the room, knowing the audience, so to speak. But here are a few things to consider no matter the situation.

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To Eat Or Not To Eat? Dealing With Diet Overwhelm

Good day, dear readers. Today I want to touch on a subject that has been coming up a lot in my conversations lately, FOOD! As wonderful as food is, finding the right diet for yourself can be quite challenging and even self-destructive. As I mentioned in my last newsletter about self care for digestion, I'm no nutrition expert, but going along with my digestion theme as of late, I would like to share with you some insights that could help sift through the diet hullabaloo. 

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Self Care For Hamstrings

One of my dear readers requested a post on tight hamstrings a while back. I wasn't quite ready to geek out about hamstrings with all of you at the time, since I actually have quite a lot to say about hamstrings. But I'm ready now. And you're ready. We are all ready. So let's get to those hammies!

First, let's take a quick look at hamstring anatomy. 

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Self Care For Digestion

We are at a festive time of year where we tend to overpower our bodies with sweets and family recipes. Luckily our digestive fire tends to be stronger this time of year, but it is wise to be extra mindful of our digestive condition and help it do its thing in the midst of overload. I have had my fair share of digestion issues ever since grade school, and I've spent my life trying to find some methods to its madness. The following tips are a few things I've used over the years to combat my own IBS-like symptoms and what I've seen help a lot of my clients with their issues. 

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5 Tips For Holiday Season Self Care

In case you haven't been out to retail store or checked your inbox lately, the holidays are right around the corner and you are being bombarded with seasonal sales and hoopla. 
The end of Halloween brings mounds of left over candy, holiday work parties, and family get togethers. This means sugar highs and carb comas and fancy adult beverages, along with end of the year stress and extra money spending and awkward small talk at gatherings. This is a recipe for overwhelm and crash and burn, if you ask me. And will thus distract from the beauty of the season of gratitude and giving and wonderful reunions. 
So before we get too caught up in the holiday season overwhelm, let's take a moment to be more intentional this season. To have a self care plan of action that can us armor against hoopla that doesn't serve us. 

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Namast'ay In Bed

This week's post has been motivated by my energy levels the past few days. I don't know about you, but I've had the hardest time get out of bed. Could be the heat of the summer. Could be the blue moon making me all weird. Could be recovering from a hectic week last week. 
But whatever the case, it got me thinking about some productive and healing things you can do before your feet hit the floor and you're off for the day, right from the comfort of your cozy bed. Here are some ideas.

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Let's Do The Twist. It's Good For You.

In my yoga classes, I talk a lot about the spine needing to move six ways. Front and back, side to side, and twisting both directions. I start all of my classes with warming up the spine in all of those directions. It may seem simple enough, but it's amazing at how we mostly move the spine forward and rarely move it through its other ranges of movement. Adding some gentle twisting into your everyday life can have very profound effects with overall back health, digestion health, and even with your energy levels. 
I'll get to some simple poses in a moment, but here are some fun facts about why twisting is so important. 

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